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Freckles by Gordon Snidow


Gouache - 14" X 20" - $22,000

A couple of years ago I attended the National Western Mountain Man  Rendezvous in Montana.  One of the mountain men had an old buffalo hunters cart which was pulled by his pet ox “Attitude”.  Attitude loved the old man.  He would stand with patience while the old man would hitch him to the cart, then with equal patience pull the cart through the camp.  Anyone seeing this would get the misconception that the ox was gentle enough to be patted by strangers.  He was not.  Hence, the name Attitude. He definitely had one.           

The ox was a beautiful animal.
  He would lay around the cart and teepee in peaceful repose while chewing his cud.  As he lay among the clover and flowers I thought the spots on him and the patterns of the clover made a very complimentary combination. 
For me his name was “FRECKLES”.

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