Gordon Snidow Western Art Header

A Cool Mountain Camp

A Working Man

Bettin' on a Hunch

By Dawns Early Light

Catchin' Forty Winks

Cold Feet

Cookies Pots

Coors Range Cooks


Get Along Little Doggie

Halter Shy

Hatchet Mountain

A High Mountain Meadow

Herd Instinct

Hidden in Plain Sight

Home Sweet Home

Hot and Bothered

I Don't Give a
Tinkers Damn

I Talk to the Trees

Keeper of the Ruby Gate

Looking for Beaver

Looking for Beaver

Momma's Last Goodbye

Moving Camp Comfort 

Moving Day 

One Horsepower 

One Mean Mutha

One Tough Cowboy 

On the War Path 


Riding Drag

Shade is Anywhere
You Find It 

She is the Catch Hand 

Sierra Blanca 

Sierra Blanca Sketch 

Sierra Blanca The
View From Fort Stanton 

Sierra Blanca The View
From the Valley of Fires

Skum of the Slums




The Brush Popper 

The Buckskinner's

The Coors Cookin' Crew 

The Drugstore Cowboy 

The Early Bird 

The Firewood Detail

The Greenhorn 

The Half Breed 

The Mountain Men 

The Sanctuary 

The Sonabitch 

The Sound of Silence 

The Welcome Mat 

Think Snow


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