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The Buckskinner's Sunset by Gordon Snidow
The Buckskinner's Sunset

Gouache - 22" X 28"  - $48,000

It was the first Rendezvous we went to after we got married. I didn’t know what this was all about, but I thought if Gordon painted these folks I should go and check it out.   This was not just any Rendezvous; it was the Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous.  It is in a different state every year and this one was in Montana.  As with most men, Snidow thought he knew where the camp was and didn’t ask for directions to get there.  We left the highway, then off on a dirt road, then a cow trail up a mountain.  I was sitting there wishing there was an Allsup’s so we could ask for directions. There wasn’t.  With my thoughts of “we’re lost”, we topped the mountain.  In the meadow, there were 600 tee pees with smoke rising from some of them.  It was a sight I will never forget; it was indescribable.  We stayed three days and encountered this mountain man.  I’ll just say, he was living the life of the 1800’s and everything he wore was period.  I thought he was arrogant, even his horse was arrogant….  Gordon saw character and beauty as the sun set.  Just goes to show you all what girls know… in this case, not much!!

Grace Snidow

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